This document is part of Unattended, a Windows deployment system.

Installing Cygwin for Unattended Step-By-Step


1. What is Unattended
2. Unattended OS Setup
3. Unattended Application Setup
4. Customize Unattended for your site
5. Install XYZ using Unattended

Why does Unattended need cygwin installed?

  Unattended does NOT require cygwin to be installed on the workstations at all. In fact the only dependancy unattended has on the workstation is ActivePerl. During the setup phase, on the unattended server machine it is highly recommended that you have cygwin installed. For the following reasons:
1) to rebuild the floppy images $ cd bootdisk
  $ make images
2) to rebuild the dos cdrom image, bootdisk.iso $ cd bootdisk
  $ make iso
3) to parse the /scripts directory and download files from the internet $ cd install/tools
  $ ./prepare
4) to parse the /scripts directory and tell you what is missing $ cd install/tools
  $ ./check

Required Packages:

Cygwin Defaults
Mtools not yet in the cygwin package repository (as of 3/2004)

How to read this document:

  $ is a command typed into the cygwin bash prompt

1. Download Cygwin:

2. Install Cygwin:

  Run setup.exe
  Install cygwin accepting all the defaults.
  When selecting packages click the view button until it reads FULL and enable these additional packages

3. Compile mtools:

  Start a cygwin bash prompt
  Start -> Programs -> Cygwin -> Cygwin Bash Shell
  $ wget
  optionally you can browse to
  and download the appropriate mtools source zip by hand
  $ unzip
  $ cd mtools-3.9.9
  $ ./configure
  $ make

3. Install mtools:

  $ make install

4. (optional) remove mtools source code:

  note: be careful with the following commands. rm is unforgiving
  $ cd ..
  $ rm ./
  $ rm -rf ./mtools-3.9.9